About bioPITCH

bioPITCH gathers all the posters that have been presented at the joint student poster symposium organized every semester by bioCEED and the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Bergen.

The Student Poster Symposium is organized locally at Marineholmen and is open to all. All posters are displayed for 4 hours, giving presenters plenty of time to discuss and debate with teachers, students, staff and visitors. Presenters are also given 1 minute at the beginning of the symposium to address the audience and pitch their work.

During the COVID-19 pandemic (spring 2020, fall 2020 and spring 2021), the symposium was moved online on Zoom for all course participants (staff, teachers and students) and streamed live on Youtube. Each student (or student group) was given 1 minute to present the poster, and the audience was given 1 minute to send peer reviewed feedback to the presenter via an online form. In May 2021, 45 posters were presented and over 140 participants joined the symposium online.

Students learn to design their poster as a part of the course they are enrolled in. Additionally they may find resources and useful tips at bioWRITE


Core Team

Dagmar Egelkraut
Senior Engineer
Kristin Holtermann
Jonathan Soulé
Senior Engineer

Course Leaders & Teaching Staff

Alistair Seddon
Associate Professor - BIO201
Sigrunn Eliassen
Professor - BIO241
Beatriz Diaz Pauli
Postdoc - BIO241
Andrea Campos-Candela
Postdoc - BIO241
Anne Bjune
Professor - BIO250
Vigdis Vandvik
Professor - BIO299
Øyvind Fiksen
Professor - BIO300A
Thomas Arnesen
Professor - MOL231
Katja Enberg
Associate Professor - SDG214
Gabriella Ljungström
Postdoc - SDG214
Natalya Gallo
Postdoc - SDG214
Inger Måren
Associate Professor - SDG215
Alicia Donnellan Barraclough
Postdoctoral Researcher - SDG215
Morgane Kerdoncuf
PhD student - SDG215
Lars H. Smedsrud
Professor - GEOF338

Student & Academic Affairs

Beate Rensvik
Tone Stokka
Senior Executive Officer
Grethe Aarbakke
Senior Engineer