Information about the Poster Symposium Fall 2023

Date and venue

The poster symposium will take place at VilVite on November 28th, 2023.

The following courses will be attending: BIO201, BIO250, BIO299, MOL231 and BIO300A.

All posters will be on display in the mezzanine area. We will start with the presentations/pitches in the Auditorium at 12:15 (time will be confirmed in a later announcement). Each student/group will be given one minute (60 seconds) to pitch their poster.

We will provide a detailed and updated program for the event during the week prior to the symposium.

Here is the link to calendar-event:

Announcing the upcoming student poster symposium at BIO on tuesday november 28th at vilvite, featuring BIO courses BIO201, BIO250, BIO299, BIO300A and MOL231

Poster format

A1 landscape or A1 portrait are the only 2 formats that will be accepted for printing. Here you will find Photoshop, Illustrator and Powerpoint files that you may use when designing your poster. Note that these files have the right proportions and show the areas (in gray, top and bottom) that should not be used when designing the poster as these areas will be hidden by the poster stands when on display. NB: do not forget to remove the gray banners before finalizing the poster).

Posters have to be sent as PDF (in the right size – A1), no other program or file format will be accepted.

All posters will be given a QR code with a link to bioPITCH. QR codes will be distributed by the course responsible a couple of weeks before the deadline.

Deadline for sending in the posters

It is the course leaders' responsibility to gather the PDF files of all posters from their course and send them all in a single email (and in the right format - see above) to no later than Friday, November 17th at 12:00.

Course responsible must communicate this with their students, and gather all posters from their course. If you want time to look through the posters first, you must give the students a deadline that fits your schedule prior to this date. It may be a good idea to inform the students about this deadline at the start of the course.

Posters will be printed as a single batch and will also be made available online on

Useful links and help for poster design

Searching for inspiration? Do not hesitate to check out the posters that have been presented and published by previous students. All posters are available at bioPITCH.

The UiB logo may be downloaded from this page:

Need help with poster design? Here is the bioWRITE page about posters:

The poster templates may be downloaded from this page.

If you have questions about this event, please contact or

We are very much looking forward to the student poster session!!

Poster templates A1

Help with poster design

UiB logo and emblem

logo of the university of bergen