The Biogeochemical Exchanges in Arctic Sea Ice

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Sea ice plays a crucial role in polar marine ecosystems, serving as a nutrient reservoir and supporting microbial life that contributes to nutrient cycling. This poster explores the relationship between sea ice and nutrient dynamics. Processes such as ice melt, brine drainage, and wind-driven mixing affect nutrient surface concentrations and impact ocean stratification and nutrient distribution in the water column. The essential role of sea ice microbial communities, particularly algae, in nutrient cycling and marine food webs is highlighted. Furthermore, the poster examines the contrasting effects of sea ice on nutrient availability, revealing that nutrient-rich meltwater enhances primary production at the ice edge, while the presence of sea ice can simultaneously limit nutrient exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean. By deepening our understanding of these processes, we can better grasp the implications of climate change on the polar oceans and develop effective strategies to protect and conserve these ecosystems in a rapidly changing world.

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GEOF338 - Spring 2023

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