Freshwater variability and transport in the East Greenland Current


The East Greenland Current (EGC) transports fresh and cold Polar Water (PW) southwards from the central Arctic Ocean. Observations of strength and properties of the EGC have been monitored through moored instruments in Fram Strait since 1997. Freshwater transport since 2015 has decreased, with an exception for 2017. The general decrease is caused by a velocity reduction of the EGC and PW. Results points to an “Atlantification” of the western Fram Strait section. Mechanisms controlling the export of freshwater from the EGC, both in liquid and solid forms, are explored using an idealized numerical model and scaling theory. Climate models predict an increase of offshore winds and decrease in Arctic export of sea-ice for the coming future. This leads to a decrease in offshore sea-ice transport. Uncertainties occur for onshore freshwater transport, as it may both increase or decrease depending on the changing effects of Ekman transport and offshore eddy fluxes.

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Eirik Kvamme

GEOF338 - Spring 2024

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