The Atlantic Water Boundary Current (AWBC) in the Arctic


Warm water from the Atlantic is flowing into the Arctic through the Fram strait, after following the Norwegian coast. After a full circulation in the Arctic Sea, it exits through the Fram strait again, only now as a denser water mass in the East Greenland Current (EGC). The Atlantic Current that circumnavigates in the Arctic is an extension of the Atlantic Water Boundary Current (AWBC) and flows eastwards along the northern continental slope of Eurasia and North America. During this circulation the AWBC is gradually being modified to a denser water mass. During its circulation the AWBC interacts with freshwater input from continental rivers, the sea-ice cover, different types of bathymetries, the atmosphere and other different water masses in the Arctic. Over the most recent decades a retreating sea ice cover has increased the amount of interaction between AWBC and the atmosphere, implying an increase in water modification due to heat loss to the atmosphere. This poster will elaborate the modification throughout.

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Eskil Fossum Solhaug

GEOF338 - Spring 2024

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